Double Barrel Glove

A glove Ted Nugent would be proud to wear. These are meant for rail grabs and not goose necks.

Shown here in: Sniper Green Camo

Techinical Details

The problem with these gloves and mitts is that they got sooo much raw sex appeal, we had to go and put some camo on em so you could hide from all the hordes of lust-struck peoples who will be trying to hunt you down and tear these babies right off yer meat hooks. The 8,000mm / 5000gm2 Oxford Nylon shell keeps winter elements at bay + an additional impenetrable waterproof barrier stands as backup with the 8,000mm / 5,000gm2 DFX Insert. Thinsulate Insulation keeps you warm and snuggly while you sit in the duck blind, and the super sticky silicone print palm helps you hold onto your friggin 12guage as you pump round after blazing round and watch the waterfowl drop like flies. The mitt has a waterpoof zipper on the index finger sidewall so you can pop out yer fingers for any micro-detail work you need direct finger contact for.


8,000mm / 5,000gm2
  • DFX
  • Teflon
  • Primaloft
  • Goggle Squeegee
  • Sham Pow!
  • Kung-Fu Grip

Only DEFCON offers it. Only DEFCON lives up to it.

DEFCON Gloves are guaranteed against defect in material and manufacturing for one year from purchase. Damage due to regular wear and tear, accident, alterations, improper care or negligence not liable to warranty.

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